How To Do Knee to Elbow Plank Exercise

How To Do Knee to elbow Plank Exercise - Sharp Muscle
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Updated: March 30, 2023

Knee To Elbow Plank, also known as Knee-to-elbow kicks, or Spiderman Plank, is an amazing overall body exercise for building core muscles while giving strength and power in your shoulders.

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Your abs are not designed to move up and down completely [like with crunches], so it is good to add rotational motion to your exercise. Knee to Elbow Plank Exercise do exactly what Spiderman Plank exercise.


  • Also known as: Knee-to-elbow kicks, Spiderman Plank, Alternating Knee-to-elbow In Plank, Kaizen Mountain Climber, Full Plank with Knee to Elbow
  • Primary target muscles: Abdomen, Obliques, Hip flexors
  • Secondary target muscles: Arms, Shoulder, Quads, Calves
  • Difficulty level: Advanced
  • Mechanics type: Compound
  • Equipment: Yoga mat or no equipment needed

The Knee to Elbow Plank Exercise is a more difficult progression than a standard plank. This plank exercise targets the core, especially the obliques, to build strength and increase stability.

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The Knee to Elbow Plank exercise not only engages the Ab muscles, but also strengthens the entire core, both in front of you and your back. This plank exercise also targets obliques, triceps and shoulders, glutes.

You are also improving your hip mobility with this plank exercise, which can help loosen your tight muscles, reduce lower back pain, and improve knee health.

Instructions to Knee to Elbow Plank Exercise

  • Start in a standard plank position, bring your weight forward, rounding your spine and bringing same knee to same elbow. Think about contracting the obliques.
  • To make your movement more challenging, add a plank jack.
  • Come back to plank with your flat back and perform 5-10 plank jacks before repeating on your other side.

Beginners tip: Instead of doing plank jacks, walk the feet out and together in a plank position, reducing the force of the impact on the wrists.

Pro tip: Do not lift the hips or let them sag. Instead, maintain a straight line from the head to toes. Squeeze the abs as you bring the knee to the chest. Don’t lower your working leg back to the floor until your all repetitions are completed.

Benefits of Knee to Elbow Plank Exercise

Knee to Elbow is a calisthenics exercise that primarily targets abs and to a lesser extent hip flexors, lower back and shoulders.

In addition to the benefits of Knee to Elbow exercise, some additional benefits derived from the practice of this plank exercise are described below:

Tightness and Tone: From your elbow to your knee by the practice of this exercise, various muscles such as; your core, abdomen, quads, hamstrings, glutes, biceps and triceps are stretched and strengthened. Strengthening these muscles helps to burn all your excess fat of a well-toned waist. The exercise also tones your arms and glutes.

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Holistic Body Workout: While your core muscles are focused on, these muscles bring in more energy, yet it is a full body workout encompassing all your muscles and joints to maintain endurance and strength. It’s a cardio and strength-training move – and balance is key to weight loss. When it is done in a dynamic manner, it also helps to pump your heart and make it a cardio workout.

Posture and Stability: When your body is toned by exercising of Knee to Elbow exercise, it adds beauty to your body in building a strong posture, especially your spine. Your stability of muscles and joints gradually improves, which makes your body overall stronger and confident.

Strength and self-confidence: When done over a long period of time, the level of strength increases in your body as well as your mind. This builds confidence which helps not only in advanced but also in day-to-day life activities and situations.

Back and Spine: The exercise ensures your strong back and all muscles of your spine. When the spinal muscles are strengthened, it acts as a great support to keep your spine fit and strong. Exercise also ensures that your lower back is strengthened with the active use of core muscles.

Athletes, sports and runners: By being part of the warm-up for runners, it helps build endurance and keep athletes away from injuries. This exercise can also help in other types of activities such as; Rock climbing, swimming or SUP yoga.

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