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What will you be able to do as a contributor/guest post writer?

Write for us and provide knowledge and information to Sharp Muscle readers and impress readers with your message.

As a guest post writer for Sharp Muscle, you will be able to find our fitness blog catering to just a few specific categories:

  • Fitness: Weightlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit, calisthenics, fitness gear, fitness clothing, etc.
  • Running: run techniques, running gear, local races, etc.
  • Diet & Meal Plans: Nutrition Tips, Meal Plans, Recipes, Books etc. Weight loss supplements are not allowed.
  • Yoga: Pose, flow, style, practice cues, etc.
  • Bodyweight Training: Gymnastics, Animal Flow, Ido Portal, etc.
  • Mobility and Stretch: M | WOD, corrective exercise, etc.
  • Physical Therapy and Healing Techniques: Tennis Elbow Treatment, How to do Ober’s Technique, Stretches for Q/L etc.

What are the requirements for guest positions?

If you are writing for Sharp Muscle, our guest post requirements are:

  • The post should be well written in English.
  • Content must be 100% unique.
  • Post must be original and not published elsewhere; No literary material will be accepted.
  • All our articles are passed through plagiarism scanners to ensure that the written material is not partially or completely unpublished.
  • The content must be at least 800 words.
  • Give a suitable SEO title to the post.
  • Divide the content using appropriate headings and sub-headings.
  • Specify the longtail keyword and use a program like Yoast, or Rank Math, or SeoReviewTools to customize the page.
  • Article needs to be submitted in Word .doc or .docx format, no other format will be accepted
  • The content should be informative (information better be researched), useful, easy to read and understand, and it better be well-written with original videos and pictures.
  • Mention the names of the sources of facts and figures published in the article.
  • If any quotes or photos have been used they should be correctly attributed in the post.
  • Content must be suitable for people of any demographic to read.

Post Standard Image Guidelines

  • An image in resolutions of 1200 × 628 (Facebook size).
  • An image in square shape 1200 × 1200 (Instagram).
  • Only original images that you took or made yourself (Stock photography is not allowed).

Which guest positions will not be accepted?

Before submitting your post or article, please visit our website and make sure that there has not been a blog post on a similar topic before. Subjects that have already been published on Sharp Muscle website will not be accepted.

Your article or blog published on our website, if our review team think it will be good for Sharp Muscle readers then team will display it on the website. Please read the blog post requirements and topics requirements before sending the post.

The article or post will be reviewed as per the above guidelines. If it meets the guidelines and the content is unique and has not been previously published, we will post it on our website.

Advertisements post

Do not write articles about your product or service. This is an advertisement, and it will be rejected. Write topics to provide readers with information about a particular area of ​​interest.

Write for us steps

Use the form above, and double-check that your post meets our Guest Post standards guidelines.

Step-1: Pitch form

We ask everyone to fill out this form to guest post on Sharp Muscle, whether you’ve written for us before or are a new writer. We will never share our author’s personal information without their express permission. Thanks in advance for taking the time.

Step-2: Guest post submission form

Submit your post for review:

Submission notice


Thank you for your interest in contributing to Sharp Muscle’s conscious content writing library. Our team here deeply appreciates your hard work.

Although submissions are temporarily closed, we look forward to connecting with you when we can once again accept new content. Until then, please explore and enjoy our existing library of conscious contents. Your acquaintance with Sharp Muscle greatly improves the way our community reacts to your submissions.

Yours Warmest regards,

Sharp Muscle

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