Biceps Workout: 8 Weeks Plan for Mass and Definition

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Updated: February 14, 2023

This 8 week biceps workout plan is mass and definition for biceps builder to help you reach your goal. You’ll train your biceps twice a week during an 8-week period, using tight rest between the sets.

Biceps muscles function

The biceps is a large muscle located on the front of the upper arm between your shoulder and elbow.

As you already know, the biceps is only 40% of your arm, and triceps are 60% of the arm. If you see, “bi” means “two”, so there are 2 muscles inside biceps. Both singular and plural, a single muscle is described as biceps, not bicep.

The biceps is called biceps brachii in human anatomy. And one other muscle in biceps is known as biceps brachialis, which is an outer muscle.

The biceps brachialis, along with the brachioradialis and coracobrachialis muscles, is one of four muscles that make up the upper arm.

Biceps brachii

Biceps brachii is a bi-articular muscle, which means that it helps control the motion of two different joints, the shoulder, and elbow. The act of biceps at the elbow is essential to the function of the cell in lifting weights.

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The primary function of the muscle is to bend the elbow and rotate the forearm. The heads of the muscles arise from the shoulder blades (scapula) and combine in the middle arm to form a single muscle mass. The other end joins the radius, which is the outermost of the two bones that make up the forearm.

Biceps brachialis

The brachialis (brachialis anticus) is a muscle in the upper arm which flexes the elbow joint. This biceps is much darker than the brachii, and forms part of the floor of the area known as the cubital fossa. The brachialis is the major mover of the elbow mucus.

The biceps muscle has two heads, at each end are connective tissues called tendons that connect muscle to bone.

Biceps muscles anatomy and function - Sharp Muscle

As you see in the picture, brachii muscle has two muscles:

  1. Long head: The long head emerges from a cavity in the scapula called the glenoid. It travels from the shoulder joint to the upper arm through a groove in the humerus (the large bone of the upper arm).
  2. Short head: The short head emerges from a projection on the scapula called the coracoid and runs along the long head on the inside of the arm.

The two heads join in the middle arm to form the combined muscular abdomen. Although the heads work in tandem to move the forearm, they are anatomically distinct, having no joint fibers.

As the heads move downward toward the elbow, they rotate 90 degrees and are joined by a rough projection just below the neck of the radius called the radial tuberosity.

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The brachialis muscle is attached with Short head of brachii muscle. Like: “EZ-bar curl” and “incline dumbbell curl” will train your long head of biceps, “straight bar preacher curl” going to be the Short head of the biceps, “dumbbell concentration curl” will train your brachialis muscle (primary) and Long head (secondary) of brachii muscle as well.

8 weeks biceps workout schedule

8 weeks biceps workout plan - Sharp Muscle
MondayBiceps workout for mass
ThursdayBiceps workout for definition

Biceps workout for mass

(a) Standard Grip Barbell Curl
(b) Close Grip Barbell Grip
3 x 8
(a) Dumbbell hammer curl
(b) DB Incline Curl
3 x 8
Machine preacher curl3 x 8
(a) Reverse Cable Curl
(b) DB Wrist Curl
2 x 8

Note: There is no rest between super sets, rest 90 seconds after super or regular sets.

Biceps workout for definition

Cable curl3 x 16
Dumbbell single hand curl
(wrist inward)
3 x 16
Dumbbell frog concentration curls3 x 16
(a) Lat bar curl
(b) Cable higher angle curl
3 x 16

Note: There is no rest between super sets, rest 90 seconds after super or regular sets.

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